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The Kid Detective (2020)

Abe Applebaum used to be a successful detective when he was a kid. However, he never managed to solve the disappearance of Grace. Years have passed and Abe is now a gown man who is still living with the thoughts of the unresolved case. Suddenly, one day a young women comes to his office and asks him to solve a murder case. 

The Dig (2021)

“The Dig” takes place against the dramatic backdrop of daily life in Suffolk, England during 1939. And tells a story about an amateur archeologist, and a wealthy woman who has multiple archeological sites on her property that she wants to explore. 

Her (2013)

This love story takes place somewhere in the near future and follows the intimate interaction between the protagonist Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), and an artificial intelligence named Samantha (Scarlett Johansson).