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Cruella (2021)

“Cruella” is a prequel to the Cruella de Vile story. This means that we get to see what, and who contributed to the creation of this nasty character. Moreover, the story is being told from a punk perspective which should spice things up a little.

Sky Rojo (2021, season 2)

“Sky Rojo” season 2 starts where it left off in season 1, and does so with the same beauty, excitement, and action. The continuation of the story of three ex-prostitutes that are still fighting for their own liberty, and revenge.

Riders of Justice (2020)

Markus (Mads Mikkelsen) has to come back home because his wife has just died in an accident. However, it is not easy for Markus to adjust to life as a civilian in Denmark. And things become even more complicated when he finds out that the death of his wife was not just an accident.

Birds of Prey (2020)

A story about how Harley Quinn became Harley Quin as we know her within the DC Universe. Moreover, additional characters are also introduced, however the main focus remains Harkel Quinn and her quest for independence.