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Django (1966)

Django” is a Spaghetti Western movie about a gunslinger who is on a mission to cleanse the town of evil. He drags his own coffin with him wherever he goes, and does so with a very good reason.

Army of the Dead (2021)

“Army of the Dead” is an apocalyptic zombie movie with an interesting twist to it. A group of mercenaries tries to retrieve 200 million which is located in a vault surrounded by zombies. And in return they get to share 50 million.

Starbuck (2011)

David Wozniak is having trouble getting his life together, but that doesn’t bother him so much. The main issue is his debt that he can’t pay back, and…the discovery that he has many children because something went wrong at the artificial insemination clinic. Will he avoid his 533 children and claim anonymity, or will he take on some of his responsibility?