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Errementari (2017)


The local blacksmith from a small Basque village is keeping something from the local population. And according to the locals he has made a pact with the Devil. 

Errementari is visually very appealing because it gives that European middle ages feeling which is difficult to obtain. Moreover, the grimy darkness in combination with the use of color shows that the director exactly knew what he was after. And in my opinion that is an authentic portrayal of religious beliefs during that time in combination with a local folk tale which feels novel. However, at times it can be experienced by the audience as extremely dark because it touches on topics such as suicide and purgatory. You can compare it with “Dante’s inferno” and this might be too much to handle for some people. 

That being said, it is clear that all of the actors are doing an amazing job, and even though it is a folk tale it feels way more realistic than ‘just’ a folk tale. Probably this is because of the costume design, and the setting which are extremely detailed. And this is exactly why Errementari is one of my favorite European ‘Halloween’ movies. It is simple, beautiful, and a real experience to watch.

Directed by 

Paul Urkijo Alijo

Writing Credits  

Paul Urkijo Alijo(screenplay by) and
Asier Guerricaechebarría(screenplay by) (as Asier Guerricaechevarría) &
Paul Urkijo Alijo(story by)


Kandido UrangaPatxi
Uma BracagliaUsue
Eneko SagardoySartael
Ramón AgirreAlfredo
José Ramón ArgoitiaMateo
Josean BengoetxeaSanti
Gotzon SanchezFaustino

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