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The Godfather: Part II (1974)


The godfather of a New York crime organization has died, and the youngest son tries to consolidate the family’s business. However, this also means more resistance from outside, and inside factions.

The second part of “The Godfather” should be seen as a prequel and sequel to the first movie because it also contains the history of the Corleone family. And it is exactly this part that makes this movie so special. We all want to see how the Godfather became the Godfather, which includes the immigrant story, and we all want to see how Michael Corleone will lead his family into a new era. 

So what makes Part II so special when comparing it to other sequels is that it maintains the quality in every aspect of the first movie. We often see that the sequel is being pushed on the audience for financial reasons, and not for the sake of the story itself. When watching “The Godfather” (Part II) you clearly get the same quality acting, directing and dialogue, and it even expands on the story. It is almost like having two movies for the price of one, and I never have seen any other film project do that before. Moreover, the dynamics of the Corleone family becomes more interesting because a realistic ‘Judas element’ was added to the mix of mafia rivalry. It is clear that this movie was originally created with the idea to end this story because the focus is on the establishment of the Corleone family in the U.S. And only then do we see how Michael Corleone takes control of his family and his enemies. Additionally, the last ten scenes clearly work towards the end of an epic story which has now been completed. Yes, we don’t see the fall of the Corleone family, but this story is not about the rise and fall of a character, or family. This story is more structured around the “The 7-Point Story Structure” in Which Michael Corleone has to face his enemies to save his own family. However, it is somewhat circular in the sense that Michael is becoming just like his father, or even worse. Personally I would not pin down the exact plot structure because it contains many different elements which are interesting. But it is interesting to analyze why both movies are so amazing and what makes them unique. Overall, part two is maybe even better than part one because it can be seen as a prequel and sequel in one and it contains a perfect ending. 

Directed by 

Francis Ford Coppola(directed by)

Writing Credits  

Francis Ford Coppola(screenplay by) and
Mario Puzo(screenplay by)
Mario Puzo(based on the novel by)


Al PacinoMichael
Robert DuvallTom Hagen
Diane KeatonKay
Robert De NiroVito Corleone (as Robert DeNiro)
John CazaleFredo Corleone
Talia ShireConnie Corleone
Lee StrasbergHyman Roth

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