Bronze Label

Alien (1979)


A commercial space vessel receives a message from an unknown source, and the crew is obligated to investigate it. 

I was pleasantly surprised that “Alien” holds up in 2021 because to be honest I expected it to be a bad special effects movie. But instead of bad special effects I got something that is on the same level as Star Wars, and that itself is already really amazing. What also is great is the acting because the cast does an amazing job telling the story of a crew that is hunted down by an alien. At no point did I see one of the actors react in a melodramatic or unrealistic way. Of course there are scenes which are better acted out than other scenes but you will see that in most movies. 

Moreover, the plot structure is well paced and follows the typical horror genre structure. Therefore, if you enjoy watching horror movies then you will love this one. Personally for me it was a little predictable because of the title of this movie in combination with the first scene in which an unknown source sends out an SOS message which turns out to be a warning message. And the scene in which one of the crew members thinks that it is a good idea to inspect alien aggs is another typical horror cliché. But that is generally the price that you pay when watching a horror genre movie. But to be honest it didn’t bother me that much because the setting and set design were pretty awesome. Yes, there are moments in which you will see one of the crew members control a computer, or receive raw data from a computer which doesn’t make sense anno 2021. But for a 1979 movie it was a decent futuristic attempt to show what things could look like in the future. The other impressive aspect is the design of the alien because it still looks well designed from a ‘modern’ perspective.

Is there a negative aspect or something that was not good? To be honest not really because the premise is simple and entertaining. Maybe the key to its success is exactly the simple form of entertainment in combination with the grand setting and set design. And when I use the term “simple entertainment” in this case then I don’t mean a negative sort of simple entertainment, but rather an efficient way of telling this story. And let’s be honest, when you are watching “Alien” then you don’t expect a Christopher Nolan like movie which would contain complex theories and structures. And that is totally fine because sometimes we just want to see something fun and easy. There are people who think that every movie should be some kind of grand and complex idea but that is definitely not true. 

However, this also means that the rewatchability of “Alien” is rather limited because it is way too simple to rewatch every year. But to be honest I can totally see myself rewatch this movie every three years on Halloween. Moreover, I am not sure how it is possible that there are so many prequels of this movie but at some point it must be the same story over and over again. I could also be wrong about this but the simple format doesn’t seem to work very well if you want to create a bunch of prequels. Anyway, the point is that it remains a seasonal movie and there is nothing wrong with that.  

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and recommend it to everyone who hasn’t watched it yet. I might even watch one of the prequels next year but that won’t have a priority.

Directed by 

Ridley Scott

Writing Credits  

Dan O’Bannon(screenplay by)
Dan O’Bannon(story by) and
Ronald Shusett(story by)


Tom SkerrittDallas
Sigourney WeaverRipley
Veronica CartwrightLambert
Harry Dean StantonBrett
John HurtKane
Ian HolmAsh
Yaphet KottoParker

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