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Post Office (2021?)


The first thing that you will notice when you watch this 14min short is that it feels like a medium budget production movie. And with “medium” I mean an expensive short film because everything about “Post Office” shows a professional approach to the Art of filmmaking. The story itself is also very compelling because we get to see the experience of a daughter of Chinese immigrants. And to be honest, such topics are always more interesting to see especially when the second, and third generation are being confronted with the new immigrant. What was also really nice to see in a short film like this is that all the actors did a wonderful job telling the story of their character. Even the children were amazing and authentic and this doesn’t happen often.

The only critical remark that I have is that it remains somewhat of a situational story, and I think that they could have changed this by altering the ending a little bit. I definitely think that there is a clear story and plot structure within “Post Office” namely; daughter of immigrants becomes accidentally involved in a potential deportation  process of a new immigrant. However, the last scene lacks impact because it feels a little flat. Maybe this is because I don’t fully understand the significance of “Post Office” but I should keep in mind that I might not be the targeted audience for this short. Nevertheless, this is one of my favorite shorts that I have seen this year. 

Click here to go to watch this short via ShortofThe

Click here to visit the filmmaker’s website

writer/director: Courtney Loo

co-director: David Karp


Mom: Julie Zhan

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