Bronze Label

Are You Still There? (2021)


A young woman is stuck in a parking spot because her engine is dead and her phone battery is dying on her as well. The main element of this short is suspense because the protagonist Safa has to deal with an unsafe environment while she has to deal with her car. Moreover, all the different people that she encounters give off that unsafe vibe and that is why she is forced to wait for her mom to come and help her out. During this time there are moments of loneliness and frustration, and the main actress (Safa Tarifi) does an amazing job showing all those raw and difficult emotions. When her mother finally arrives we get to see a moment where we as the audience witness mother daughter bonding that looks really natural and fluent. 

Maybe the dead car engine resembles the relationship between Safa and her mother prior to this event. Alternatively, this mother daughter project brought them closer together, and this was exactly what they both needed. Or I could be reading way too much into it and there is no clear backstory to this specific event. But one thing is certain and that is that the acting, script, and directing are really good.

Click here to watch this short on Short of the Week.

Directed by 

Sam A. Davis
Rayka Zehtabchi

Writing Credits  

Sam A. Davis
Rayka Zehtabchi


Safa TarifiSafa
Rima HaddadRoya
Mardy MaTrudy
Gumercindo CanelSergio
Mario FloresPassenger
Marky FongTrudy’s Son
Pamela OlsonAAA Operator
Jose Ramirez HernandezDonut Shop Customer

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