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Uncanny Valley (2015)


“A glimpse into a future where First Person Shooters have become a new drug for those disillusioned with society. The films examines the consequences of this on the global society.”

This eight minute short is an interesting ‘pilot’ or ‘long trailer’. However, I personally wouldn’t describe “Uncanny Valley” as a short because it only contains a premise without an actual story. Moreover, It feels more like a detailed description of a setting, set design, and characters which happened to include a premise. Therefore, I think that this is more of a pilot trailer for a possible feature film than a short film. The other possibility is that this short is created to test the creator’s CGI skills because it must have been a lot of work to get everything look so smooth and polished. 

Bottom-line; if this ‘short’ would have been a promo trailer which would be part of a pitch for a movie project then I definitely would be enthusiastic. But now this is merely an introduction of a world without any meaning, or relevance. Therefore, the 6.0/10 is only because of the cinematics and not because of the script. If there would have been an actual story to it then it could have easily been a 7.5/10.

You can watch it via Short Of The Week.

Directed by 

Federico Heller

Writing Credits

Federico Heller(written by)


Marcela Sandra BallesteroDoctor
Steve KisickiGamer #1 (young blonde)
Iván SteinhardtGamer #2 (fat brunet with jersey)
Agustin OlceseGamer #3 (young beard with beanie)
Raymond E. LeeGamer #4 (old man in couch) (as Raymond Lee)
Nicole ApsteinOld woman

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