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Interstellar (2014)


A group of explorers need to travel through a wormhole to find out what possibilities there are at the other side because humanity on earth is about to end.

I absolutely love the premise of “Interstellar” because it is a combination of sci-fi and drama. And it’s a typical Christopher Nolan because he manages to find a good balance between science, fringe science and human nature. However, certain plot elements are extremely unrealistic.

Let me first explain what bothered me with this movie. I didn’t like the fact that our protagonist Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) went from a ‘zero to hero’ in just a few scenes. One moment Cooper is defending his daughter at school because she is reading outdated “propaganda material” and just a few scenes later he is invited by NASA to become a pilot for their “save humanity” mission. Why is there no build up at all? It seems like “Interstellar”, which is 2H 49min long, was originally 3H 30min long, and they had to cut out some of the scenes. To me it feels like they destroyed some of the drama aspects of this film because of these unrealistic scenes. When you establish hyper-unrealistic scenes (even just a few of them) it often breaks down the drama aspects because the audience doesn’t buy the concept anymore. As a result they will ‘switch off’ because you don’t believe it anymore. Moreover, your attachment to a character diminishes because it seems to be merely a façade without any depth. This entire issue could have been prevented if they added a more realistic build up in which our protagonist would naturally develop into the hero position. However, the biggest issue with this specific scene is that it is considered a ‘key’ scene because it tries to connect the first part with the second, and third part of this movie. Maybe they should have changed the entire opening, which consists mostly out of drama, in order to make it fit better with the second and third part. However, if this is something that doesn’t bother you at all then I fully understand that you would give this movie a 10/10. For me personally this really made the movie somewhat of a farce because I was not able to get back into the movie anymore. But that might be a personal thing because the drama, and sci-fi elements are correctly balanced.

What I also enjoyed was the acting level of all the different actors. Especially in the first part of the movie it really felt like a good drama film. At times Matthew McConaughey was overselling it a little bit but it wasn’t bad at all. I would even argue in this case that all the secondary roles, the supporting cast, made a major contribution to this movie because they managed to come across as realistically as possible. And this is an absolute must when playing a role within a sci-fi drama movie. Additionally, I really liked all of the camera angles and shots because they felt extremely immersive. Again, this is one of those movies that you ideally want to see on the big screen and not at home because the cinematics are outstanding. Moreover, the color palette, choice of music, and sound really pulled me in and made all the sci-fi elements more realistic. It also connected really well with all the different drama scenes. 

Overall, it is really a shame that they didn’t want to add thirty more pages of script to create a more realistic, and elaborate ‘bridge’ for the character development of the protagonist (Cooper). However, I fully understand that they couldn’t create a 3H 30min movie because for most people that is just way too long. Therefore, I hope that they will make a 4H remake of “Interstellar” at some point because the script is amazing.  

Directed by 

Christopher Nolan

Writing Credits  

Jonathan Nolan(written by) and
Christopher Nolan(written by)


Ellen BurstynMurph (Older)
Matthew McConaugheyCooper
Mackenzie FoyMurph (10 Yrs.)
John LithgowDonald
Timothée ChalametTom (15 Yrs.)
David OyelowoSchool Principal
Collette WolfeMs. Hanley
Francis X. McCarthyBoots (as Francis Xavier McCarthy)
Bill IrwinTARS (voice)
Anne HathawayBrand

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