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Yes We Love / Ja vi elsker (2014)


A Norwegian short about 4 independent tragic, but funny situations that happen on Norwegian Independence Day.

This short is about 14 minutes long and presents us with four different stories that take place on Norwegian Independence Day. Each of the situations are extremely funny and well directed. However, there is no obvious connection between all of the different scenes except that there is a focus on vehicle related incidents.

In my opinion this is worth your time because the acting and directing are spot on. However, I would totally understand it if some people might find these stories too random for their taste. Yes, it is random but that also might have been the intention. Maybe some people find the entire concept of  Norwegian Independence Day random? I am not sure because I am not from Norway. However, I can imagine that there is a lot going on within this short that I can’t fully understand as a foreigner. For this reason I think that they should have created an additional short that goes deeper into explaining all of the details. Something like a guide to experience “Ja vi elsker”. However, at this moment I can only experience it as something original, and cute while it might even be much more than that. The only thing that is important is that I really enjoyed it and I hope that they will create something similar to this again.

You can watch this short via Short Of The Week.

Directed by 

Hallvar Witzø 

Writing Credits

Hallvar Witzø(write)


Johan Fredrik Bergflødt-JohannessenJohan Fredrik Bergflødt-JohannessenBirger
Edvard HægstadEdvard HægstadKonrad
Terje RanesTerje RanesOla
Hanne Skille ReitanHanne Skille ReitanCarina

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