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The Old Guard (2020)


The identity of a group of Immortals is revealed and they now must fight to keep their identity from being further exposed. 

This will be an extremely short review because I don’t think that going on a full rant for the sake of wordcount will benefit anyone. Firstly, I personally have an issue with the element of “Immortals”, or immortality because from a writing perspective this basically means a carte blanche for anything. You can put people in the worst case situations and they will still survive. I mean this can definitely be fun for a writer because you can come up with some extreme stuff without having to kill off a character. However, for the audience this quickly becomes very problematic because almost nothing makes sense. You can argue that this is an inherent problem within the superhero genre, but even superheroes can die. Therefore, I think that such a comparison is in invalid. There is so much more to say about the topic of immortality within the film world however let’s not introduce that here. 

The other major issue that I had with “The Old Guard ” is the amount of melodrama. Almost every actor overacted, or simply delivered a flat performance (two opposite extremes). Moreover, the setting, and set design felt unrealistic and very cliché, and the writing was also unoriginal. Therefore, I would classify this movie as a big budget “B” movie. Additionally, the military operations looked ridiculous and stupid. I am also not sure what the target audience is but  this movie is rated 16+ I think. However when looking at the storyline and dialogue it felt like it was created for younger teens. Of course it contains too much gore for that age category, but if you would eliminate all the gore you would definitely end up with a movie for the age around twelve. There is nothing wrong with liking such a movie if you are an adult but this movie is just too simplistic and imbalanced for most of us I think.  

I wonder if “The Old Guard” would have been better if Marvel Studios would have created it. I guess we will never know, but the issue of immortality will remain in this case. The alternative is that this was simply another Covid-19 movie. And with this I mean creating a movie to keep the film industry going.   

Directed by 

Gina Prince-Bythewood

Writing Credits  

Greg Rucka(screenplay by)
Greg Rucka(based on the graphic novel series by)
Leandro Fernandez(illustrated by)


Charlize TheronAndy
KiKi LayneNile
Matthias SchoenaertsBooker
Marwan KenzariJoe
Luca MarinelliNicky
Chiwetel EjioforCopley

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