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Cruella (2021)


“Cruella” is a prequel to the Cruella de Vile story. This means that we get to see what, and who contributed to the creation of this nasty character. Moreover, the story is being told from a punk perspective which should spice things up a little.  

I have seen the “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” (1961), and “101 Dalmatians” (1996) movie. I knew beforehand that I shouldn’t compare “Cruella” to any of these two movies because this is a fresh new start for this franchise. Moreover, I think that it is a wonderful idea that they gave life to this franchise again because it has a lot of potential. Especially when you add a punk flavor to it. 

However, most of the scenes did not contain punk music. Yes, there were a few songs which fall within the punk genre. But the vast majority is simply too ‘weak’, and ‘safe’. It feels like Disney didn’t want to make a real punk Cruella movie because that would be bad for its reputation…? I have no clue, and yes this doesn’t even make sense because I thought that Disney wanted to focus on a more mature audience with this film. But this feels like a kids movie. It is really strange because It seems to be a family movie, but why would a family movie be two hours and fourteen minutes long? Because I can’t imagine that you will take your 10-12 year old to this everlasting and boring movie. And yes it is boring because there are way too many scenes which are totally unnecessary. They could have at least cut 20-40 minutes in order for it to gain more traction and speed. Because isn’t that what a punk, or punkish movie should be like? Something fast, intense, and rough. No, not this one because apparently we get slow and safe music (most of the time). And Disney ‘punk’ simply means bad CGI dogs, and psychopathic fashion designers. Additionally, all of this is combined with scenes which are either totally ridiculous, unnecessary, or extremely slow and stupid. I understand if the target group would be 10 years old and the duration of this movie would be 90 minutes. But “Cruella” is 134 minutes long…Come on people, why those 44 extra minutes? Yes, I understand that the director wanted to create some epic camera shots. But there were so many internal scenes which could have been cut from this project. You won’t hear me complaining about the setting, camera angles, acting, or set design (minus CGI) because these are great. But all of this matters so little when the story is so extremely weak and unconvincing. Why create a punk environment when you play music like “Whisper Whisper” from the “Bee Gees”? 

Now to get back to the point of the bad CGI…Why would you invest so much effort in a great setting, and set design if the CGI is really bad? It is a complete paradox because people should understand that CGI should be part of the set design budget. Currently it seems like some intern got the job to do all of the CGI. You might get away with this if the CGI doesn’t cover the essential parts of the story. However, all of the dogs are essential to this specific story. Additionally, it is essential for the franchise itself. I will stop here because it is getting very negative. Again, the acting, setting, and set design (minus CGI) are good. But the story itself is way too long, and weak. And I only found one good punk scene in this entire film (illegal concert scene). The dialogue is decent but not cheeky enough…Just watch something else.

I provided a link below if you are interested in research material for what this movie could have been like music wise.

Directed by 

Craig Gillespie(directed by)

Writing Credits  

Dana Fox(screenplay by) and
Tony McNamara(screenplay by)
Aline Brosh McKenna(story by) and
Kelly Marcel(story by) &
Steve Zissis(story by)
Dodie Smith(based upon the novel “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” by)


Emma StoneEstella / Cruella
Emma ThompsonThe Baroness
Joel FryJasper
Paul Walter HauserHorace
John McCreaArtie

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