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The Tent / Teltet (2019)


A dysfunctional family goes camping together. Normally they would have decided to go abroad, but this year is a ‘special’ year, and things are a little different.

“The Tent”, or “Teltet” is a Norwegian short of 17 minutes which falls within the drama/comedy genre. It perfectly presents the situation of a dysfunctional family which includes their rebellious teenage daughter and their young son. This short focuses on hypothetical questions such as; how will a social media addicted teenage daughter react when she is ‘forced’ to go camping in the forest? And how would a modern family behave when their yearly vacation plan has to be changed. Such a premise is very promising, and has a lot of potential. Therefore, the concept alone is already something very original and entertaining.

However, it is not just the concept that is great. The dialogue also feels authentic, and the silent moments are extremely important because they convey so much more than just silence. I think that this short film contains one of the best silent moments when compared to other shorts. Sometimes it is the case that the writer wants to cram too many action, and/or dialogue scenes in a short. But this feels perfectly balanced. Mainly because there is a natural flow of the plot structure. 

Moreover, all of the actors including the youngest boy are wonderful and amazing. It really helps to have such a cast on your project because without them it would never have been such a great short. You can have a great script, but without the cast and technical crew members it will never reach its potential. Moreover, the comedy style is what I call “Nordic-comedy” because it can be very… unconventional at time? And this is definitely a positive thing, but certain people might not fully understand this specific sense of humor. The directing was also great. And the scenes with the children were especially funny, and even serious at times. 

Overall, it has a great premise, script, actors, setting, directing, and format. And I can’t wait to see more from Rebecca Figenschau because I can see so much unlimited potential if she would create something for a more international audience. Hopefully someone in Hollywood, or NY will pick up the phone very soon and give her a call. 

Click here to watch this short via film on Short Of The Week

And here for the film’s Facebook page.

Directed by 

Rebecca Figenschau 

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)  

Rebecca Figenschau(written by)


Sigurd MyhreBjørnar
Christina Ørbekk NikolaisenSolveig (as Christina Nikolaisen)
Erica CookMaja
Christian Magnus VangenKim

Produced by 

Frode Søbstadproducer

Cinematography by 

Marte Vold 

Film Editing by 

Mathilde Fridlund 

Camera and Electrical Department 

Jonathan Bevanfirst assistant camera
Oscar Chandlersecond assistant camera

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