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Sky Rojo (2021, season 2)


“Sky Rojo” season 2 starts where it left off in season 1, and does so with the same beauty, excitement, and action. The continuation of the story of three ex-prostitutes that are still fighting for their own liberty, and revenge. 

This second season is as great as the first one, and this is really difficult to achieve because the first season was extraordinarily good. All of the actors still show their full commitment to this project. This can be seen when looking at each actor when they are doing emotional intense scenes. Moreover, they still manage to incorporate a big dose of humor, and sarcasm. And this is definitely necessary when dealing with serious topics, and traumas. Additionally, the setting, and set design is also mesmerizing and perfect. Every setting, and set design feels authentic and appropriate, even the funny guru caravan/home was perfect. Moreover, this specific scene was so funny, and sad because it combines two extremes and tries to reconcile them both.    

What makes the second season a great follow up season is that it completes the ‘puzzle’ from the first season. And with “puzzle” I mean the blanks, open endings and situations that still needed to be covered. This is really great because so often it happens that a series goes into a second season and forgets about minor, and even major plot developments. Maybe it helped the creators that not every episode is exactly 30, or 40 minutes long. Because it enables flexibility and this way you can focus on what is best for the story. However, I think that the real core of this series is the great dialogue, and character development. It takes some great writers to come up with these interesting plot developments, characters and dialogues. Moreover, the background story of characters are being shown to the audience. This already happened in the first season, but in season 2 this continues and shows us a broader perspective. What I also really enjoyed is the use of multiple frame rates. This also was something that was established originally in the first season. And I am really happy that they continued with this film technique because such scenes focus more on the specific character. It is when you see such a frame rate change that your own perspective should shift towards the individual experience. 

Overall, they did it again a 10/10. Fully fleshed out characters, great action, drama, humor, sarcasm, love, hate, and so much more. It doesn’t get boring from an audio, and visual perspective. Additionally, It has that fresh approach of a first season, and I really hope that they continue with this in a third season.  

Series Directed by 

David Victori(8 episodes, 2021)
Óscar Pedraza(5 episodes, 2021)
Eduardo Chapero-Jackson(2 episodes, 2021)
Jesús Colmenar(2 episodes, 2021)
Albert Pintó(2 episodes, 2021)
Javier Quintas(2 episodes, 2021)

Series Writing Credits  

Álex Pina(16 episodes, 2021)
David Barrocal(15 episodes, 2021)
Esther Martínez Lobato(15 episodes, 2021)
David Oliva(11 episodes, 2021)
Javier Gómez Santander(6 episodes, 2021)
Juan Salvador López(4 episodes, 2021)
Mercedes Rodrigo(4 episodes, 2021)

Series Cast  

Verónica SánchezCoral 16 episodes, 2021 
Miguel Ángel SilvestreMoisés 16 episodes, 2021 
Asier EtxeandiaRomeo 16 episodes, 2021 
Lali EspósitoWendy 16 episodes, 2021 
Yany PradoGina 16 episodes, 2021 
Enric AuquerChristian 16 episodes, 2021 

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