Bronze Label

Kajillionaire (2020)


A young woman lives with her parents and is part of their awkward crime syndicate. However, things start to change when an outsider joins her family’s crime business. 

“Kajillionaire” is one of those movies that you love or hate depending on your perspective and focus. Firstly, keep in mind that it is probably one of the most cringe and awkward movies that you will ever have seen in your life. I would almost say that it is cringe Art, or at least something very close to it. Therefore, the question that I have to ask myself is; why do I consider this movie “cringe Art”? The answer to that is very difficult to properly formulate. However, I can say that the actors perfectly portray a skimming, and freeloading culture. And that all of the characters have extremely weird, and almost funny tendencies. Moreover, what is even more important is that it doesn’t become annoying. At least not for me. And this is coming from someone that doesn’t really enjoy watching awkward and cringe movies, and series. Maybe it is also the randomness that gives it that freshness, and that ‘new’ feeling. Because you will never know what will happen next. It is this randomness that might be perceived as annoying by some, and great by others. However, I really think that within this specific genre it is absolutely necessary because without it it would be a very strange and boring movie. 

What makes “Kajillionaire” even greater is the very particular camera angles, and sequences. Mainly because it has this cult movie quality to it which can be compared to “The Big Lebowski” (1998). I could even go as far as to make the argument that “The Big Lebowski” was the main inspiration for this movie. And that the protagonist is the young female version of ‘The Dude’ in “The Big Lebowski”. What they have in common is that both of them don’t contribute to society, and are finding themselves in a world of trouble. The main difference is that ‘The Dude’ lacks a backstory, and is more of an underdeveloped character. Which in my opinion is perfect for these kinds of movies because you don’t want it to turn too serious because then you will get a weird drama story. Therefore, the added serious drama aspect of this movie makes it sometimes too rough and dramatic in my opinion. They could have limited the amount of youth trauma and focus more on the awkward moments instead. One example of this is that the protagonist starts a conversation with her mom about the lack of love within their relationship. And that she never was called “hun” or any other form of endearment. This gives the movie a very sad, and negative undertone which at times is very difficult to reconcile with the ‘cringe Art’ comedy form. Additionally, there were two scenes which kind of lost me because I didn’t fully understand what had happened. It could have been just me, but they seemed to be kind of important situations which were not very well explained. Maybe they were meant as a mind F*ck for the audience. However, that would be totally unnecessary because of the amount of weird situations that it already contains.

The question remains why I gave this an 8.0/10, and not a 7.5. Well… I think that the acting, casting, directing, and dialogue were so good that it is difficult not to give it an 8/10. Moreover, the writing (certain scenes), and plot structure are not perfect but the dialogue makes up for it. Therefore, I still argue that this is a very good movie, and that you should give it a try.    

Directed by 

Miranda July

Writing Credits  

Miranda July(written by)


Richard JenkinsRobert
Debra WingerTheresa
Evan Rachel WoodOld Dolio
Patricia BelcherAlthea
Kim EstesVictor
Da’Vine Joy RandolphJenny
Rachel RedleafKelli
Randy RyanKelli’s Boyfriend
Mark IvanirStovik
Blanca AraceliVolunteer
Diana Maria RivaFarida / Melanie’s Mom
Gina RodriguezMelanie

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