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Birds of Prey (2020)


A story about how Harley Quinn became Harley Quin as we know her within the DC Universe. Moreover, additional characters are also introduced, however the main focus remains Harley Quinn and her quest for independence.

If you are interested in the making of the character Harley Quinn then this is a movie for you. “Birds of Prey” portrays the journey of Harley Quinn, and her ‘friends’. And does so with some great esthetic, and cinematic choices. Moreover, the director (Cathy Yan), and the actress that plays the role of Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) are really carrying this movie. I would even argue that “Birds of Prey” would have totally failed without Margot Robbie and Cathy Yan. Also keep in mind that it is nothing like “The Suicide Squad”. Therefore, you shouldn’t compare the two because this movie really focuses on how the protagonist establishes herself as an independent villain.

The overall sentiment and vibe that I got from “Birds of Prey” is that of a parody, action, and comedy. Sometimes it feels too light, and at other times way too serious. You can definitely say that there is an imbalance between parody, action and comedy. One can make the argument that it is a dark comedy, and that therefore it is totally fine. However, certain action scenes can be considered too ‘heavy’ to be mixed in with the parody genre. One example is the act of cutting off faces because it can’t be properly mixed with a very light form of comedy. I would describe this form of comedy as ‘cute comedy’ because it often focuses on the cute aspects of certain things, and people. Maybe this is essential to the character of Harley Quinn, but in my opinion they could have done at least two scenes a little differently to make it feel more balanced. Additionally, I find it difficult to attribute this movie to a specific audience because at times it feels like it goes from almost an unrated G-rated movie to R-rated in just one scene. Again, this could be attributed to the characteristics of Harley Quinn, but you should keep this in mind when watching it. 

There is an immature element within “Birds of Prey”, and this translates into the feeling of ‘girls versus boys’. At one point this becomes extremely clear because there is a big fight between the two genders. I thought that this only happened during gym class at elementary schools, but apparently the DC Universe still uses this attitude within a mature environment. Maybe it is this exact element that makes part of this movie feel like a movie for kids. Because I can’t imagine that this is part of Harley Quinn’s character. Especially not when she is supposed to have been in a ‘relationship’ with the Joker. Therefore, I think that you are allowed to call this a huge plot hole. I am sure that some people might perceive this as the ‘I hate boys’ post breakup period, but again this feels very immature.

Overall, there are many positive aspects about this movie. The acting, and cinematics are good, and I absolutely loved the narrated style. However, there was one actor who acted a little flat, but that was the exception. I think that if you are into the DC Universe, or if you enjoy Harley Quinn as a character then this is a nice movie to watch. Additionally, “Birds of Prey” was really created for the non, or new DC Universe fans because of the great introduction. However, I really hope that they find more of a balance if they decide to make a sequel. Overall, it is not bad, or good. It is just a movie with some decent sequel potential because of the director and Margot Robbie.

Directed by 

Cathy Yan(directed by)

Writing Credits  

Christina Hodson(written by)
Paul Dini(Harley Quinn created by) and
Bruce Timm(Harley Quinn created by)


Margot RobbieHarley Quinn
Rosie PerezRenee Montoya
Mary Elizabeth WinsteadHelena Bertinelli / The Huntress
Jurnee SmollettDinah Lance / Black Canary (as Jurnee Smollett-Bell)
Ewan McGregorRoman Sionis
Ella Jay BascoCassandra Cain
Chris MessinaVictor Zsasz
Ali WongEllen Yee

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