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轻触 (Touch) (2021)


A young gay man is trying to get his vision back, but this seems to be an impossible task. Meanwhile, he still tries to continue dating people via a mobile dating app. 

“轻触 (Touch)” is a story about loneliness, and the inability to accept this new situation. Moreover, the entire perspective is that of the protagonist who tries to establish some sort of relationship with other people. We can argue about why this seems to be only focused on sexual relationships, but this short film is too short to make any statement about it. The only thing that is obvious is that his inability to see is the main reason why he is pushing people away. We the audience notice his own discomfort with his inability to see. This means that because he is not accepting himself he also can’t accept others into his life. 

I really enjoyed the acting, and directing. All the camera shots were very appropriate to the story, and the actors were convincing. And most of the time the scenes gave me a claustrophobic and dark feeling. This resembles the situation of the protagonist, or at least his perspective. Additionally, One could make the argument that this short film should be a little longer than the current thirteen minutes because there is room for at least one additional amazing scene. However, in my opinion thirteen minutes is perfect because it allows us to focus on a few essential moments. However, my question is if the first scene had to be that long in comparison to the other senses. I think it should have been a little shorter, but that is my perspective. Overall, this is a special short film that is worth watching. 

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Directed by 

Song Huang 

Writing Credits 

Song Huang 
Du Yusen  

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