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The Last Hour (2021, Season 1)


A young shaman and his brother are on the run from an evil force. They settle in a remote village and live their lives until the forces of evil begin to show up again. In the process the shaman tries to help the local police, but things get complicated when he falls in love with the daughter of the chief of police.

The first season of “The Last Hour” contains eight episodes and can be divided into two parts; episode 1-4, and 5-8. The first four episodes are simply mesmerizing because of the premise, and the way it is written. Everything makes sense within the given parameters of this series. This means that most things, if not everything, made sense according to the setting and genre. It is a story about good versus evil, and the fight between these two opposing forces. Moreover, the setting is brilliant because most of the time the scenes are located in a remote Indian village which gives the entire series a mystical atmosphere. And all of these aspects made it a perfect binge watch series for me. I was fully committed to it, and it didn’t let me down because most of the acting was good as well. 

Until the last ten minutes of episode four. Because from the last ten minutes of episode four we can see that inconsistencies start to form (plot holes). We can also see that the creators of this series tried to insert more intense conflict by inserting multiple irrational decisions which made it unrealistic, and way too simplistic. And from the beginning of episode five until the end this aspect only became worse. The plot holes are adding up to the extent that the entire concept implodes. One of the main plot holes is that a specific guiding spirit/ghost didn’t warn any of the protagonists when they needed it. Of course you can try to get away with this as a writer by making up some vague spiritual reason. However, it doesn’t fit with the overall picture of the story that was presented to us during the first four episodes. And then there was the episode in which the ‘forces of evil’ recruited someone that is located within one of the main character’s personal circle (no spoilers). There is no reason given how they could have recruited this person to commit such a terrible act. Maybe this individual was hypnotized by the evil eye, or simply wanted revenge because of the rejection. The latter reason is totally not convincing given the circumstances, and the former is way too vague and convenient. Actually, at this point most of the rising action parts seem either too convenient and totally unrealistic. I would even go as far as to say that it became a plot hole fest because the writers couldn’t think of a more realistic, and systematic solution for certain story development issues.

Additionally, just because your series deals with a supernatural theme doesn’t make it ok to write an inconsistent story. There should be rules and limitations within such a world so things don’t turn into a situation where the audience will say; “how convenient”. And there were way too many of such moments for me. Normally I would expect this to happen after a second season, but it’s sad to see this happen at the half point of the first season.

However, I would still advise you to watch “The Last Hour”, but please keep in mind the first part of the first season is way better than the second part. Episode 1-4 is easily  9/10, but the second part is 5/10. For this reason I give it an overall of 7/10. However, if I would look at the overall product I could easily give it only a 5/10 because the second part really destroyed the experience of the first part. This teaches us that it is one thing to write a good first half of a season, and a totally different thing to write a good cohesive full season. I won’t watch a second season because I can’t imagine that it will get better, or that certain inconsistencies will be rectified.  

Series Directed by 

Amit Kumar

Series Writing Credits  

Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar
Anupama Minz
Anupama Minz

Series Cast  

Sanjay KapoorArup 8 episodes, 2021 
Karma TakapaDev 8 episodes, 2021 
Shaylee KrishenPari 8 episodes, 2021 
Shahana GoswamiLipika 8 episodes, 2021 
Robin TamangYama Nadu 8 episodes, 2021 
Mandakini GoswamiAmoo 8 episodes, 2021 
Raima SenNyima 8 episodes, 2021 
Lanuakum AoThapa 8 episodes, 2021 
Lapchen LepchaRaj 8 episodes, 2021 

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