News 6/15/2021


Small Towns Chasing Big Dreams / Haseen Dillruba:

“While cities have grown leaps and bounds in the last decades, several towns have remained untouched in this era of progress. But this is fast changing, as quiet towns by the river are being touched with the gentle winds of change. And wherever the winds of change blow, big malls for shopping tend to pop up. These malls are changing the face of these towns, with their big towering glass buildings and their giant billboards. Some banners tell you how a soap will make your skin smooth as a feather, and you soft as a duck, while others promote the latest thrillers you can catch on Netflix. And if the urban charm gets you exhausted, these towns have their ancient authenticity to rejuvenate you. Go river rafting in the morning, have some pahado ke noodles as you dry off, and then catch yourself reading books by the riverside. And if it ever felt the towns could offer more, one just needs to shake hands with someone on the streets. Chances are that you are going to bump into an engineer. With such a concentration of skilled dwellers, promising growth and recreational spots, the towns seem to give you no reason to complain.

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SEOUL, JUNE 4TH 1PM KST, 2021- Netflix has confirmed July 23rd as the release date of Kingdom: Ashin of the North, a special episode that will expand the horizons of the Kingdom series, a much loved Netflix Series created by Korean storytellers. This special episode reveals the origins of the resurrection plant that triggered the avalanche of tragic events that swept through Joseon and a woman abandoned by all – Ashin.”

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