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The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021)


A possessed person commits a murder and is brought in front of court. His legal defense relies on this one peculiar claim which is; the devil made me do it. 

“The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It” is the latest movie of the Conjuring franchise, and focuses on real life events which are also covered in the book “The Devil in Connecticut” by Gerald Brittle. It was inevitable that this book would eventually be used as the basis for a Conjuring movie because the premise is very interesting. Because the spiritual world would now directly interact with legal and scientific norms and values. This clash of two totally different perspectives is already an element of conflict which now becomes the backbone of this movie. One might say that this is the ideal foundation for any story because there are so many different plot developments that one could create. 

I have to say that I do really like the Conjuring franchise within the horror, mystery, thriller genre. Therefore, I admit that I’m a little biased, but at the same time I have high expectations when it comes down to the overall quality. That being said, there are many great things about this movie. But at times it was predictable which is really bad for a horror, mystery, thriller movie. Alternatively, it could be the case that I have seen the Conjuring franchise films way too many times. Anyway, I really enjoyed the story because it is so original compared to the other ‘possession/demon’ movies within this genre. They really did apply a new angle to the genre (legal vs spirituality) and therefore you can’t say that they are ‘milking’ the franchise. It really is difficult to find a new angle and keep the core mechanics of this specific genre. But they managed to do it. Moreover, this movie is already something special because they changed the angle within the same old familiar plot structure which is; Happy family, event, manifestation, event, bigger manifestation, search for help, conflict, quest finding information, conflict, final battle, end.

Keep in mind that the routine of this movie is the same but the added level of conflict with the law, and legal system makes it fresh and exciting. That being said, you still get the standard demonic possession clichés. It would be nice if they used different techniques, or methods to show possession, and demonic activity. However, this is the Conjuring franchise and we can’t expect them to suddenly change up their formula for something more innovative. Besides, it still works when you apply the new angle to the story. It also comes with the territory of this genre, just like the horror genre, because in essence it is based around one very specific idea. This specific idea is to scare people, and to let the suspense make you anxious. There is nothing more scary than a scene where nothing is happening but certain things are implied through shades and movements. It is the fear of the unknown, and the angst of what will happen to us when we will die that propels these kinds of films. And that is great because it explores, or uses, our human condition. At the same time I do hope that we get something in the future that is outside of this standardized plot structure. Because I think there are other methods, and structures out there to make another good Conjuring movie. The question really is if such a plot structure would be worth the financial risk for this franchise. 

So yes, I did enjoy this movie. However, I don’t think that I will watch a similar movie (plot structure) this year because you can only consume so much of it before it gets really boring. I also advise you to watch the other movies from this franchise, especially “Annabelle”.  

Directed by 

Michael Chaves(directed by)

Writing Credits  

David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick(screenplay by)
James Wan(story by) &
David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick(story by)
Chad Hayes(based on characters created by) &
Carey W. Hayes(based on characters created by)

Patrick WilsonEd Warren
Vera FarmigaLorraine Warren
Ruairi O’ConnorArne Cheyenne Johnson
Sarah Catherine HookDebbie Glatzel
Julian HilliardDavid Glatzel

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