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Wrath of Man (2021)


A well trained man who goes by the name of “H” becomes a security guard in the cash transport industry. It is his job to protect the valuables that are in the secured van. However, the main question is if he can trust the people that he is working with because sometimes the enemy operates from within. 

Ok, so let’s start with the positive first before I have to deliver a barrage of negativity. The directing was extremely good. There were many moments where I thought that this was a huge Warner Bros production because of the grand atmosphere it delivered. At times it almost felt like a Batman movie which focused on the antagonists. The setting was also very appropriate because it enabled the movie to maintain its claustrophobic feeling. This feeling comes from the lack of possibilities to escape. Therefore, all of the scenes are ‘high pressure’ scenes, from the narrow streets with the high buildings till the armored van, this is mainly because of the setting and set design. It is also true that all of the intense action significantly contributes to fear, and pressure. However, it would be totally different if this story would have taken place within a more open setting. The location scout did a really good job, and together with the technical film crew, and director they managed to keep this movie visually on track. If it was not for them “Wrath of Man” would have gotten a 1.5/10.

So now the bad news. But first let me explain why it doesn’t bother me when people tell me that they enjoyed this film. I understand that someone can find “Wrath of Man” entertaining. However, just because you think it is entertaining doesn’t mean that it is a good movie. There are a bunch of movies that I consider to be very entertaining, but I would not rate it a 6,or higher. Because such films are to be considered ‘guilty pleasures’ which I might watch if I am in a certain mood. So yes, I understand that many people might find this a fun movie to watch, but please don’t tell me it has a well written plot, dialogue, and good acting. 

Here we go. Firstly, the first heist scene is totally unrealistic. Please don’t tell me someone can keep their eyes open when they are confronted with a stun grenade inside an armored vehicle. Your eyes would automatically close, and your hand would be near your ears, or head. No, not in this movie. Apparently people think it is a minor annoyance to have an exploding stun grenade inside your armored van. The manner in which they managed to throw that stun grenade inside the armored vehicle is also ridiculous. Moreover, the antagonists were not in a rush to commit this heist because everything was so slow that it felt like a Joker scene (Batman vs Joker). As if they wanted to have a confrontation with the police. Then there are a bunch of plot holes that are just weird. Additionally, the acting is also flat, and I hope that Post Malone will take some more acting classes because it wasn’t convincing. Then there was the extremely bad dialogue. One example is the following dialogue line; “who is this joker? What the hell is going on?”, and “What is your location?”. The latter dialogue is especially weird when the armored car should have some sort of tracking device because it transports…Yes, a lot of money. There are more of such moments and they really irritated me because it was such bad and sloppy writing. It was almost as if a bunch of talented crew members, and director, came together to make something. Literally just something. And I understand it because we still have to live with the Covid-19 situation. But please save that budget for another project. No need for more negativity. Let’s move on and hopefully we see better material in the post Covid-19 period.

Directed by 

Guy Ritchie(directed by)

Writing Credits  

Nicolas Boukhrief(written by) and
Éric Besnard(written by)
Guy Ritchie(screenplay by) &
Marn Davies(screenplay by) and
Ivan Atkinson(screenplay by)
Jason StathamH
Holt McCallanyBullet
Rocci WilliamsHollow Bob
Josh HartnettBoy Sweat Dave
Jeffrey DonovanJackson
Scott EastwoodJan

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