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Army of the Dead (2021)


“Army of the Dead” is an apocalyptic zombie movie with an interesting twist to it. A group of mercenaries tries to retrieve 200 million which is located in a vault surrounded by zombies. And in return they get to share 50 million. Will it work, or will they fail their mission?

Sounds interesting, no? And it kind of is because the zombie genre is being combined with the concept of “Oceans 11” (2001). Therefore, if you are into the entire apocalyptic setting which includes zombies, and you also like “Oceans 11” then the chances are pretty high that you will love this movie. It’s kind of funny, dramatic, gory, and packed with different characters. Moreover, the visuals are interesting and the use of colors and light are really done well. And I have to admit that I had a decent time watching this movie because it is action packed. Additionally, all of the actors are  doing a good job, and that is including the zombie cast.

So why the 6/10 and not a higher grade? The reason that this doesn’t deserve a higher grade is because it is ‘just’ an original zombie movie with a nice twist to it. You really have to switch off your brain in order to enjoy it because there are so many inconsistencies that you will hate it if you pay too much attention to it. The inconsistencies are mainly within the script itself, and character development, or the lack thereof. The characters are fun, but in a very simplistic way. Simply put, they are all stock characters. Additionally, the writing is sloppy at best because there were enough moments which totally didn’t make any sense to me. I am talking here about key moments such as two characters that are somehow connected/friends but the action at the end makes you question if character X actually cares about character Y. This doesn’t have to be an issue, but the entire premise of X risking their life for Y is now totally ridiculous. Why would one go through all of this hardship for another person if there is no clear reason for it. Moreover, the entire rescue attempt scene is just incomprehensible because no reason is given for the exact scenario. Additionally, the fact that a zombie can protect itself by wearing an iron mask is crazy. Especially if you take into consideration that the specific zombie was shot multiple times (head direction, on the mask). Don’t tell me that you can hit the iron mask twenty times without targeting an opening within that mask. Or, the inability to first attempt a body shots and then a headshot. This event becomes even more problematic when they do manage to give the other zombies accurate headshots.  

You could argue that this is to be expected from a zombie movie, but I was hoping for some more consistency. I guess they did really focus on the ‘fun’ parts, and it is definitely fun if you only watch “Army of the Dead” for its visuals, and action. Therefore, I would make the claim that this movie is more of a visually focused story than an actual well developed movie. It is as if someone was given a budget to make this interesting zombie movie without the time to edit the actual script, or story. Moreover, the biggest issue that I personally had was the length of this film (2H 28 min). They could have used the 28 minutes for character development, or to make certain scenes more realistic (mask scene, more complex). They also could have made the ending more consistent. And with this I mean that one of the characters could have actually  cared about a certain individual. Rarely will you see that these 28 minutes will be used as if it is of no significance. However, I understand Zack Snyder’s perspective, and creative freedom in general, but I really am of the opinion that every minute should add something to your movie. 

I actually don’t have anything to add to this except that you might give this movie a 2/10 if you think that consistency, and realism is very important within the zombie genre. Therefore, I would suggest watching it if you are a fan of Zack Snyder’s work, or if you are really bored and just want to watch an interesting concept movie with good actors, setting, and color palette. It’s kind of fun, or rather entertaining, if you don’t expect anything good from it.   


Directed by: Zack Snyder (directed by). Writing Credits: Zack Snyder (story by) Zack Snyder (screenplay by) & Shay Hatten (screenplay by) and Joby Harold (screenplay by)

Dave BautistaScott Ward
Ella PurnellKate Ward
Omari HardwickVanderohe
Ana de la RegueraMaria Cruz
Theo RossiBurt Cummings
Matthias SchweighöferDieter
Nora ArnezederLilly (The Coyote)
Hiroyuki SanadaBly Tanaka

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