News 5/19/2021


“Netflix releases the trailer of the second season of Summertime, the Italian Netflix original series produced by Cattleya – part of ITV Studios -, which will debut on June 3rd in all countries where the service is available. The new images are marked by “Fiamme negli occhi”, the song by Coma_Cose premiered on the stage of the Festival di Sanremo 2021 and which has now become a hit. The collaboration with the eclectic singer-songwriter duo continues, whose notes, present in the soundtrack of the series as well as in the trailer, will mark the events of the characters in the summer atmospheres on the Adriatic coast also in the second season.”

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“The heartwarming story Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens will be coming soon to Netflix globally. Directed by Lucky Kuswandi (Selamat Pagi, Malam, Galih dan Ratna) and written by Gina S. Noer (Keluarga Cemara, Dua Garis Biru), the film is a story of discovering that family is not just a one-way street, and pursuing dreams against the backdrop of Queens in New York.”

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  1. Thanks for bringing your service to light! There’s nothing quite as bad as a review you should be able to have confidence in giving away key spoilers! I tended to agree most with Pulitzer Prize winning critic , Roger Ebert, but he started giving too much away, so I learned to read his reviews after having seen a film—I Still agreed with His criticism the most…I’m sure Dennis Schwartz means well , but His criticism has given way to plain synopsis that Gives Away Everything I Don’t want him to!

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