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The Call (2020)


Two people live in the same house, but they don’t live in the same year. Meanwhile, they are able to interact with each other through the phone. 

During the first ten minutes of “The call” I was very concerned that this would be a standard horror/mystery movie. It contained references to movies like “The Ring”, but it didn’t seem that special. However, I already started to notice that there was something very different about this movie and that was the use of set color. The greenish, yellowish glow really established a certain tone that made it more intriguing. Then a very interesting storyline started to develop… I had never seen such an intriguing horror setup before. Not only was it a very well written storyline, it was also well-paced, and emotional. The basic concept is that the present helps, and fights the past. Meanwhile, the future is determined by the past. This means that the entire plot is multidimensional and interacts with itself. Hypothetically, one could find plot holes in such a plot structure, but after I finished “The Call” I could not think of an obvious plot hole. However, this might depend on how you perceive the ending.  

Therefore, one might come to think of this movie as the horror genre version of “Tenet” (2020), but done way better. However, this is not the case because one can watch “The Call” multiple times, and come to different satisfying conclusions. Additionally, the most important element of this movie is that it perfectly balances the emotional scenes with the action, and horror scenes. It is scary at times, but not in a one dimensional way. For example; there is a beautiful dramatic and emotional kind of scary, versus dark Horror. It is very difficult to mix both of them and incorporate them into an interesting, and complex plot structure. Yet, this movie accomplishes all of this without it becoming unrealistic in an annoying way. I would even go as far as to say that “The Call” established a new level of quality within the horror genre. Maybe this is because they limited the amount of standard horror shots that we are all so familiar with. Alternatively, it could be the case that the mystery, and crime genre within this film overpowered the horror genre at times. This brings us to an interesting question; what is the perfect horror movie. I think that we can find the answer within this film which means; the perfect balance between Horror, mystery, and crime with an interesting drama storyline attached to it.

Moreover, all of the actors did a perfect job. At no given point during this film did I think that one of the actors was not convincing. And this is a very important aspect when it comes to unrealistic genres. The director also did an amazing job because he captured the drama, suspense, action, and emotions in an original form. Additionally, the music that accompanied important scenes can be considered essential to this story because without it it would have been a less perfect experience. I am also very happy with the choice of setting because it shows the beautiful, yet scary environment which is so important to the overall feeling of this story. 

Therefore, the only conclusion that I can come to is that “The Call” is the perfect film experience. You might find the ending less clear, or open, but that makes it even more perfect because you realize that multiple options are possible. Therefore, this is a prime example of a movie that you can rewatch multiple times. I really hope that we see more of this kind of horror because it is a totally refreshing experience.

Director: Chung-Hyun Lee. Writers: Sergio Casci (based on an original screenplay by), Chung-Hyun Lee

Credited cast:
Park Shin-HyeSeo-yeon
Jong-seo JunYoung-sook
Sung-ryung KimSeo-yeon’s mother (as Sung-ryung Kim)
El LeeYoung-sook’s mother
Park Ho-SanSeo-yeon’s father
Oh Jeong-SeSung-ho
Kyung-Sook JoSun-hee
Ryu Kyung-SooJunior police officer
Dong-hwi LeeBaek Mi-hyun
Chang-gil MoonJunk collector
Jonny SiewSung-ho (voice)
Yo-sep SongPolice officer
Chae-Young UmSeo-yeon (young)

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