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Crisis (2021)


The opioid crisis is at the center of this story while there is a triangle of parties that are directly involved, or impacted by it. The three parties are; the mob, pharmaceutical company, and the professor, and mother. The latter two can be combined as they are two individual victims of the two former parties. 

“Crisis” is a movie which covers a severe problem, and there is nothing wrong with covering the opioid crisis. Some people have said that this topic is an old and boring topic. But I really think there is no such thing if you find the right angle. The opening really shows a lot of potential with its clean camera shots. Although it felt a little too much like a James Bond action scene, and I think that they should have used a less grand approach. However, it does set a certain tone, and this tone is clearly called action, and drama. Having this in mind it was quite a nice experience to watch the first part (30 min) of the movie unfold. However, as the story continues to unfold after the first half hour it becomes painfully obvious that it will collapse at a certain point.

But before I will cover the ugly I will first discuss the positive. The triangle of parties is a very good concept because it creates points of connection between characters that normally would never meet. Moreover, it creates an intriguing angle which should support an interesting plot, and gives you enough room to establish exciting scenes. It is then the job of the main cast to make this entire story come across as realistic, and plausible. The supporting cast is extra important with such a script because it has to show this grand, realistic, interconnected world to the audience. The moment that the supporting cast fails to do a good job is the moment that the audience won’t believe the entire setting, and story anymore. Additionally, The dialogue is realistic, and feels very natural most of the time, and the main cast is really good. 

However, the supporting cast did not do a convincing job. Often the acting felt flat, and weak at best, and some of the supporting characters were also underdeveloped and fake. Again this becomes significantly worse after the first half hour. It is then that you will start to notice the weird plot pacing, and it becomes even stranger after an hour or so because at one point the entire movie feels jumpy, and not focused. The reason behind this could be the triangular, and interconnected plot structure. It is very tricky to create such a beautiful and interesting setup, but it is only any good when it is done correctly. When it is done incorrectly it becomes a mess, and I think that this is exactly what happened to this movie. “Crisis” fell into its own crisis by demanding too much from different storylines. If they would have cut out the drama part of the police officer’s sister then they would have more room to develop other storylines. Additionally, I really don’t think that there was any need for a ‘going rogue cop on addicts’ storyline when there is enough happening with regard to the infiltration of the mafia. The writer has enough material for two seperate movies, but somehow decided to put everything into one. Maybe they should be reminded of the following sentences; “less is more”, and “don’t tell but show”. It is a real shame because this movie has enough potential. Moreover, the ending is simply ridiculous, and unrealistic. They really should have changed that.     

To conclude, I really can’t recommend this movie to anyone. Well, maybe if you want to watch it in order to see how a triangular setup works, or rather didn’t work in this case. If you want to watch a corruption, and mafia movie (without a triangle impact) you might want to take a look at “Only God Forgives” (2013). I can’t think of a similar movie done correctly at the moment, but I am sure that there is at least one.

Director: Nicholas Jarecki. Writer: Nicholas Jarecki

Gary OldmanDr. Tyrone Brower
Armie HammerJake Kelly
Evangeline LillyClaire Reimann
Greg KinnearDean Talbot
Michelle RodriguezSupervisor Garrett
Luke EvansDr. Bill Simons
Lily-Rose DeppEmmie Kelly
Guy NadonMother
Veronica FerresDr. Meg Holmes

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