Bronze Label

重庆葬礼 Funeral in Chongqing (2020)


The main protagonist in this story is the youngest son named Yi Qi. His father (Mr. Zeng Yongrui ) died and now the family wants to know the exact last words of their father. The girlfriend, or wife of Yi Qi hires, or rather seduces a Taoist priest who apparently has the special capabilities to call upon the spirit of the dead father. It is a story about family structure and hierarchy, and the influence of Yi Qi’s money on the family hierarchy. 

First of all, I have to say that this movie is a beautiful piece of Art. The 2:35 aspect ratio of this film really shows the impressive scenery of the Chinese mountains, and general landscape. Moreover, it also contains some really good situational shots which emphasizes key moments. One example of this is that Yi Qi’s wife, or girlfriend is shown on multiple occasions in a very sensual way. She uses her attractive appearance to get what she desires, this is probably also the reason why she is together with Yi Qi. The latter is a successful businessman and it is obvious that she is benefitting from this. 

However, there are some plot issues, or rather curiosities regarding the story. At one point it becomes clear that the sister of Yi Qi has a gambling addiction, and he follows her to see what is going on. But that is pretty much the end of it because we never see the full extent of the gambling addiction, although the issue is indirectly mentioned at one given point. One can assume that the protagonist doesn’t want to get too much into it which is a valid perspective. However I really hoped to see something more, if only for two minutes. The plot then continues with the main idea of the film, and we can only conclude from this piece of information that this is the reason why Yi Qi has to pay for the funeral. Later Yi Qi also pays for the sweets for their deceased father. This is another situation where Yi Qi, who is the  youngest child, carries the burden of the family.    

The only plot structure that I found very strange was that of the extent to which Yi Qi’s girlfriend behaved in certain scenes. It didn’t make sense to me that she took some extreme actions to find out what the last words of Mr. Zeng Yongrui exactly were. During certain scenes I was wondering if it was a real scene or a fantasy of Yi Qi’s nephew. Additionally, there were some subtitle issues but that was not a deal breaker. The acting was on point and really enjoyable to watch this 40 min short.

Director : Zeng Kaixin

Screenplay : Xu Hongyu

Starring : Liu Kai / Zhai Mingda / He Jialin / Wang Dahong / Su Zhengyou

Genre: Drama / Short

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