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Sky Rojo (2021, Season 1)


Simply put “Sky Rojo” covers the journey of three women that are running away from their pimp. During this process they liberate themselves physically, but most importantly mentally. 

“Sky Rojo” is easily one of the best series that I have seen in the last five years, and I am sure that this won’t change for the upcoming years. Firstly, this entire project feels like it is inspired by the work of Quentin Tarantino because of the humor, type of violence, plot, and setting. That being said, if you are not a Quentin Tarantino fan then you might not enjoy “Sky Rojo” as much. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t feel like a rip-off at all because it is still a very original and unique experience.

The best way to describe the setting is; Hot and deserted. The Las Novias Club plays an essential role in it because the plot is built around this place which is located in the desert. Additionally, the setting also represents the situation of the women that work at Las Novias Club. Each of them were somehow abandoned by someone that they loved. Therefore, the setting of “Sky Rojo” is extremely well chosen. I can’t imagine that this series would have been as good if it was filmed in an urban setting. Moreover, the entire storyline is way more realistic in such a setting because it allows for certain extreme plot events (which I won’t spoil for you). 

The use of colors is also magnificent as the set design is colorful, appropriate, beautiful, and has this GTA: Vice City look (Game). Moreover, certain scenes were simply artistic because the focus was on the use of colors, clothing, and certain movements (bullfight with the car scene). It is clear that the director of this series exactly knows what the important elements are within each scene, and manages to show us the beauty within certain events which are morally questionable at best. Everything in “Sky Rojo” looks very well designed, and it really gives you one coherent image. This motivates you to watch another, and another episode without feeling visually bored.  

Character development is also perfectly done as we see characters grow and change each episode. It is very satisfying to see all characters change into their potential. Moreover, you will notice that there are four screen ratio aspect changes throughout the first season (ratio aspect diminishes for ‘focus’ reasons). This happens when the plot has a little intermezzo in which a character is revealing certain insights, and thoughts. This almost feels like a wisdom moment each time, and is extremely nice to witness even though the topics are serious, and intense. Moreover, the character development eventually allows to present certain morals and lessons to the audience. Therefore, this movie is not just an intense, entertaining, and funny movie. It also really presents the audience with societal problems, and forces us to think, and talk about it. However, it doesn’t overdo it at all, and therefore it comes across as very subtle and natural. 

The actors did also an amazing job, and there was not one moment which I found unrealistic. It must have been very difficult at times to accurately portray such characters, as each character deals with their own set of issues. However, they also managed to make certain situations look funny, and even hilarious at times. This is exactly why “Sky Rojo” is a 10/10 because everything is perfectly balanced, and feels realistic when it needs to be, and over the top when the movie requires it. What also helped was the original dialogue which kept on surprising me.

The last thing I would like to share is that this is THE series to watch for 2021, and that I really hope that they can keep up the amazing writing, acting, and plot. Many series experience the ‘third season crash’ in which the plot becomes predictable and boring, and the acting will be decent at best. However, let’s first see if “Sky Rojo” season two will be as great as this one.  

Series Directed by: David Victori … (4 episodes, 2021).

Series Writing Credits: Álex Pina … (16 episodes, 2021) David Barrocal … (15 episodes, 2021) Esther Martínez Lobato … (15 episodes, 2021) David Oliva … (11 episodes, 2021) Javier Gómez Santander … (6 episodes, 2021) Juan Salvador López … (4 episodes, 2021) Mercedes Rodrigo

Verónica SánchezCoral
Miguel Ángel SilvestreMoisés 
Asier EtxeandiaRomeo 
Lali EspósitoWendy 
Yany PradoGina 
Enric AuquerChristian

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