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Wander Darkly (2020)


“Wander Darkly” is about a young couple who just became parents, and have to deal with a traumatic accident. Meanwhile, they are dealing with relationship problems. 

I don’t have much to say about this film except that I was really looking forward to watching this movie, but as soon as I saw the opening scene, and heard the music I knew that it wouldn’t be that good. About ten minutes in it became a disaster as the acting felt really flat at times, even though there are many hyper-emotional scenes, and the dialogue was often very cliché. Moreover, the plot felt like a life after death story, and seemed spooky at time, but at the same time kind of wasn’t…? A clear, coherent, and well structured plot could have saved this movie if this was properly filmed. 

Most of the plot felt surreal, and weird at best. However the majority was simply very confusing. Additionally, all the over emotional situations did not contribute to anything, and were only in place to move the audience emotionally. Maybe this is a typical Covid-19 movie because it really messes with your head for no good reason. 

I don’t blame you if you can’t make it past the first half hour because this movie feels like one big cluster F***. I understand what the writer wanted to do plot-wise (Trauma/relationship/life after death/reality), but it really didn’t work. 

Director: Tara Miele. Writer: Tara Miele

Sienna MillerAdrienne
Diego LunaMatteo
Beth GrantPatty
Brett RiceSteve
Vanessa BayerMaggie

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