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This Is Me (2020)


The synopsis of the short film is the following: “Set in London, the film follows Amir, a young Bangladeshi boy studying abroad. He lives with his elder brother while the rest of his family live back in Bangladesh. Amir leads a double life – His parents know of him as an innocent, sinless boy whereas Amir is someone who occasionally drinks, smokes cannabis and is sexually active – all of which go against his religion. Once a pious boy due to his religious upbringing, Amir does not know if he believes in God or religion anymore. Yet he pretends to pray and fast to keep his parents happy. Frustrated and unable to live a lie anymore, Amir one day decides to confess to his parents via email. Little does he know that his parents are in London for a surprise Eid visit – and that he must deal with this situation in person.”

Let’s start with the positive. The director of this short film did a good job, all the shots felt appropriate, especially the close up shots were full of emotion, and intensity. The other great aspect of this film is the story itself. In this case it’s about a Muslim student who leads a double life with regard to religion, but the essence of the story could also be about a Jewish or Christian student. The specific religion doesn’t matter as they are interchangeable in this case. In my opinion it is a very difficult topic to properly cover within seventeen minutes, maybe it is even impossible. We can see that all the scenes and sequences are being rushed to get to the end. I think that there were too many scenes and events going on for a seventeen minute film that tries to cover such a serious topic. Situations often felt unrealistic, or forced to the extent that it pulls you out of the story. However, the biggest issue was the acting. Most of the acting in this short film is simply bad. The only two good actors were the two female actresses (Lina Abra, and Ruchika Jain). Yes, the other actors might have had a good scene from time to time, but this was often not the case.

It’s a shame that everything felt rushed and flat. I think this should have been at least a thirty minute film instead of the current seventeen minutes. Or maybe some characters should not have been in the short film so we would focus more on a few individuals.

Director: Taha Ismail 

Writer: Taha Ismail

Lina AbraTina
Subhash GoswamiFather
Taha IsmailAmir
Ruchika JainMother
Faraz M. KhanOmar

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