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Space Sweepers (2021)


“Space Sweepers” is set in 2092 and covers the journey of a group of space junk collectors who find a humanoid robot girl. This robot girl has allegedly the ability to be a weapon of mass destruction and this causes some funny, interesting and action packed situations.

The setting of this movie somehow reminds me of “Cowboy Bebop” (anime), and the style can be best described as cyberpunk. It is really CGI heavy because of the genre, but that didn’t bother me with this movie because the quality was generally still good. I think it’s a shame that we can’t go to the movie theater to watch “Space Sweepers” because it was simply made for the big screen. The intense space battles, and amazing use of colors are great. However, at times I found it a little too overwhelming because of the intense flashes in combination with fast cuts. I understand that when a movie is CGI heavy that you want to make use of intense light flashes and quick movie cuts to take away the attention from the CGI details. However, it made it difficult to follow certain details at times. 

Another plus is the character development, and the acting. All the main actors did a really great job, and the characters are well rounded, original and realistic. Moreover, all of the characters were very likeable. This really shows me that a lot of work went into character development. However, there were a couple of actors in the supporting cast that should have done a better job. There were at least three key scenes in which the supporting cast members did not do a good job. The result was that the entire scene became unrealistic, and unconvincing. Luckily for us those moments were few in number.

Plotwise it is really a story about redemption, hope, and a savior. There is a classic protagonist vs antagonist storyline which might not be original but it is definitely entertaining to watch. However, the execution was a little unbalanced because at times it focused on really intense moments while a few scenes later you will see a super cute/ feel good moment which really opposes the entire setting, and situation. The question I find asking myself is the following; how many people can you watch being killed while a few scenes prior, or after, being confronted by a super cute, adorable, and funny situation. Another question one might ask is: is the story coherent? All of this comes down to realism. Do I believe that i am watching a dystopian cyberpunk setting while i am being confronted by something extremely funny, adorable and cute? The answer to such questions is that at times this movie is simply too silly to be considered a serious cyberpunk movie, and at other times this movie is way too intense to be considered a ‘feel good’ movie. The ending was interesting, but weak. I would say that overall the concept of this movie is really great, but the execution could have been much better. Nonetheless, “Space Sweepers” is a very entertaining movie to watch.    

To conclude i would say that this is a great movie to watch if you are into the whole cyberpunk/space genre because the setting is extremely well developed. Additionally, the main characters are really interesting, and you feel that you get to know them better over time (136 minutes). However, i really wish they decided to make it either less comedic, or less serious so that the entire story/genre would be more coherent. It took me a day to figure out why this story didn’t click with me, but i was not disappointed at all. “Space Sweepers” is a good movie, not a great one.

Director: Sung-hee Jo

Song Joong-KiTae-ho
Kim Tae-riCaptain Jang
Seon-kyu JinTiger Park
Hae-Jin YooRobot
Richard ArmitageSullivan

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