Bronze Label

Brothers (2020)


The opening is shot in a mobile phone (16:9) ratio which really emphasizes the personal experiences the main characters had together. It is presented as one of those mobile phone videos that a lot of us have recorded at one point in time. This makes the situation instantly relatable. Who didn’t pull out their phone to record a funny, crazy or simply memorable moment? Moreover, this ratio suggests that it could have been seen on your own Facebook Feed, or other social media. It feels modern, energetic and authentic. Additionally, each and every shot felt accurate and natural.

The acting was also very impressive. There is so much potential in Michael Workeye, and Jay Lycurgo that i am surprised that i never heard them before. Especially Jay lycurgo does an amazing job with the portrayal of someone who has significant mental health issues. This itself is a very difficult topic because one wants to show a dramatic yet realistic situation which is based upon a real story, and be respectful towards people that deal with these issues.

The plot of this fifteen minutes short film is fantastic, it builds up towards the end in an emotional, steady and natural way. One could not have done a better job telling this story because every shot sequence pulls you further into the story. The dialogue sounds very natural and the set which is mainly the kitchen, contributes to a potential dangerous conflict between the two. While i was watching i was constantly thinking if the person with the mental health issues would grab a knife from the kitchen counter, or drawer. This gave this short film a certain edge which contributed to the intensity of the issue.

Overall, It is definitely a short film that is worth seeing, and i can even imagine that a feature film will be made from this short film script. And one thing is for sure; we should keep our eyes on Jay Lycurgo as he could be one of the great upcoming actors.

Director: Huse Monfaradi

Writer: Huse Monfaradi


Jay LycurgoJase
Ania SowinskiJoanne
Matthew SteerPoliceman
Michael WorkeyeMickey

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