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Another Round (Druk, 2020)


The film “Another Round”, or “Druk” is about a school teacher (Martin)  that is going through some sort of a crisis. This could be described as a midlife crisis, or simply a very monotonous lifestyle which causes the crisis situation. It is a very interesting concept to start a conflict situation from something very mundane. The movie gets exciting when Martin, and a few of his colleagues test out a theory which claims that the human body is born with a natural alcohol percentage which is too low. Therefore, they increase it by consuming alcohol which should give them a natural advantage, or a better way to deal with issues in a more positive manner. They approach it more or less like a test; to confirm, or reject this alcohol hypothesis. Initially this works really well until they go too far. It is here that the comedy turns into drama.

The mix of the comedy and drama genre is generally speaking very tricky because if you go overboard with the comedy then the drama won’t work anymore. In “Another Round” they kept the appropriate amount of comedy so that the drama still felt real, and not some kind of a parody. However, there was one moment which I felt was too intense to make that switch back to that positive mood, or comedy style. However, this might be just a personal thing because the ending still worked very well. If you would ask me to describe this movie then i would tell you it should be classified as ‘darkish’ comedy because it takes issues like alcohol abuse and a midlife crisis, and combines them into something which is considered positive and funny while the core of the story is still very sad.

However, the most intriguing part of this film is the type of friendship between the protagonist Martin and his friends. It is the sort of middle aged men trying to be young again, kind of friendship. They need each other in order to condone their own behaviour, and they definitely need each other for this entire emotional journey. One might even say that all of them are caught up in their own daily boring life, and wish for something new and exciting. Of course this creates conflict at home, and this is where the group support kicks in.  There is this great sense of comradery, and support during the entire movie. Almost like a we versus them kind of mentality in which this group of friends is standing above anything else in their world. Moreover, one of the characters in the movie turned from zero to hero, and it is the group of friends that enables this. Initially it might seem that the cause for a more positive life experience is the alcohol consumption (minimal amount), but i think that their project enables them to unite together for a cause/project. It is not the alcohol that brings the best out of them, but instead it is the group interaction itself that enables all of them to maximize their lives.

Overall I really advise you to watch this movie. It is very entertaining and emotional at the same time, this is not easy to pull off because it requires good acting, and great dialogue. Additionally, I don’t think that another actor could have done a better job playing the protagonist. Mads Mikkelsen was such a great choice because he really fits into that ‘once upon a time popular, and now an average aged man’ category. The writer even came up with a good and convincing background story for this character. Watching this movie makes me realize that the entire cast, writers, and director did an amazing job putting everything together. This is definitely a movie that you should watch more than once because it has multiple layers of sadness, and humor.

Directed by: Thomas Vinterberg

Writing Credits: Thomas Vinterberg … (screenplay) & Tobias Lindholm … (screenplay)

Mads MikkelsenMartin
Thomas Bo LarsenTommy
Magnus MillangNikolaj
Lars RanthePeter
Maria BonnevieAnika
Helene Reingaard NeumannAmalie
Susse WoldRektor
Magnus SjørupJonas
Silas Cornelius VanKasper
Albert Rudbeck LindhardtSebastian

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