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Parasite (2019)


Parasite (2019) is not just a great movie, it’s also not just an amazing experience. It is something much more than that. It is a story about society and social classes which is combined with one of the most intriguing premises ever written. It is not often that we see such an original story, with amazing acting, well developed characters, and setting. To me this is easily the best movie of 2019, and 2020 combined.

So what is this movie about? Parasite is about a poor family that lives in a lower working class district of Seoul, South Korea. However, they are not a family that is motivated to work hard in order to get out of poverty, they are the kind of people that rather come up with all kinds of scams tricks, and shortcuts to get by. It is exactly this attitude that the movie derives its title from. We can see that they are acting like true parasites, but in a funny and crazy way, and this is the exact reason why this movie is so great. Normally we don’t like protagonists which are highly unlikeable, especially not when they scam other people. But in this case it becomes comedic because the entire family is like this. And together with a very interesting scam (the main plot) means that this movie will take the audience by surprise. There was not one moment when I wanted to look at my phone, or take my eyes off the screen. Parasite is a highly immersive film which knows how to entertain, and surprise the audience the entire time.

During the beginning of this movie I was in doubt if it would turn into something great. I think that it took me about twelve minutes to get really into it. This was mainly because of the parasitic attitude of the family, it was disgusting to see such an attitude. However, we get a more humane perspective once the real scam starts to fully develop. Meaning, that they might not be the worst people of that society. It is about extremes that clash, people that take advantage of other people, and selfishness. And this is all mixed in with a huge amount of humor, and action.

At one moment It felt almost like a horror movie because certain shots, and actions directly referred to the horror genre. This in itself is a very impressive choice by the director (Bong Joon Ho) because the drama subtly transforms into somewhat of a horror-esque experience. One could even argue that Parasite can’t be defined by genre, and instead is one big intense experience full of emotions and character decisions. For example; the shot where the entire family is eating and drinking in a living room (evening) which has a huge window with an amazing garden view (see film poster) is such a shot. Especially, when it is combined with the rain it depicts an ominous foreboding. The set was well chosen and contributes to the overall immersion of the story.

I would describe the third act as mind blowing and mesmerizing. It is during this third act that this film comes to an ideal full closure. Rarely have I seen an ending which is as good and intense as this one. In a certain way it feels like the ending might not be a real ending, but is an idealized ‘solution’ for the protagonist. However, Parasite remains interesting all the way till the very end, no matter how you perceive certain parts.

Overall, this is a must see movie for everyone that likes an original plot, highly developed characters, and an amazing setting. All of the actors do a wonderful job, even the actors with minor roles are very convincing. To me Parasite (2019) might be one of the best movies ever made, or at least it will end up in my top 50 of all time. To conclude I can only tell you one thing; go watch it.

Directed by: Bong Joon Ho

Writing Credits:  

Bong Joon Ho (story by)

Bong Joon Ho (screenplay by) and Jin-won Han (screenplay by)


Song Kang-HoKi Taek (as Song Kang Ho)
Lee Sun-kyunDong Ik (as Lee Sun Kyun)
Cho Yeo-jeongYeon Kyo (as Cho Yeo Jeong)
Choi Woo-sikKi Woo (as Choi Woo Shik)
Park So-damKi Jung (as Park So Dam)
Lee Jeong-eunMoon Gwang (as Lee Jung Eun)
Jang Hye-JinChung Sook (as Chang Hyae Jin)
Park Myeong-hoonGeun Se (as Park Myeong Hoon)
Jung Ji-soDa Hye (as Jung Ziso)
Jung Hyun-junDa Song (as Jung Hyeon Jun)
Park Keun-rokDriver Yoon (as Park Keun Rok)

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