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Tenet (2020)


Before watching this movie I didn’t want to get influenced at all by any outside sources because I thought that this movie could be something really special, or unique. And i was not too far off, but it seems to me that Tenet is somewhat of a mix between Inception (2010) and Mission impossible. Basically the movie is about an agent that tries to save the world in a way that is identical to Inception (2010). And as you might have already guessed, it makes it pretty difficult to follow. I am not saying that there is something wrong with movies which have an extremely difficult, or ‘interesting’, plot structure. However, when the viewer has to stop using their own logic, or rather logic in general, in order to follow the film then this can turn off a significant amount of your audience.

For example; when people go to see a Marvel Universe movie then your audience is already prepared to follow the Marvel Universe laws and structures, or the lack of certain structures. Whereas with the movie Tenet, during the first ten minutes, I still had the idea that normalish science, and reason were applicable. But around a quarter of an hour i heard the following explanation (in scene) which made it clear that I should not have such a mindset at all: “Try not to understand it”. This was part of the dialogue said to the protagonist, and from that moment on I knew that this was going to be a full on Inception experience, with another two hours and fifteen minutes to go. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind a long and complicated movie as long as it grabs me. 

Most of the time Tenet did manage to grab my interest because during certain scenes that were not that interesting, or slow, it used exceptionally well chosen music to accompany that scene. This made it a more cinematic experience in my opinion. Moreover, the shots, the use of light, and directing were done very well. It was definitely a pleasure to watch the entire story unfold. However, It was the story itself that I had issues with at times. For example; it is very easy to hide plot holes, or inconsistencies in a story which is set in a “twilight”, or parallel universe. Of Course you can say that I just didn’t understand the idea behind it, and that the sentence; “Try not to understand it” was directed towards people with an IQ lower than 140 (which is really high already). But when you look at multiple scenes in which one of the characters states that you can’t see yourself otherwise you die, and then characters see themselves without dying then this is an inconsistency. Unless, you would state that only your version of yourself is not allowed to see you…You understand the issues here. Anyway, the actors such as John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, and Kenneth Branagh did a great job. One might even go as far as to say that it is the acting that saved this film. I loved the minor part that Michael Caine played in this movie, and i think it’s a shame that he did not get more screen time.

The other issue that i had with this movie is that the first art scene felt extremely discombobulated. You might say this about the entire film, but this specific scene left me hanging with multiple questions  for at least ten minutes . Most questions get resolved eventually, if you manage to pay attention, but sometimes the pacing is simply too fast. A lot of action, and the need to follow complex theories made me give up on it, and often i tried to remind myself again of  the earlier dialogue: “Try not to understand it”. The dialogue itself was mediocre, and sometimes original, and at other times technical and complicated. They did manage to explain a few things about certain problems and resolutions, but at the end of the movie everything was so tangled up that I just gave up on it. I just didn’t care anymore.

If you like Inception (2010) then i would definitely recommend you to watch this movie. However, if you are looking for an artistic move, action movie or anything that you can follow then this might not be a movie for you. I heard that there are people that watched this movie twice, and I might do that as well. However, my perception towards this movie is currently just like one of the movie’s taglines; “Time Runs Out”. 

Director: Christopher Nolan 

Writer: Christopher Nolan 

Stars: John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki

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