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Cue Introspection.


I really enjoyed watching “Cue Introspection” which is a five minutes long, or rather too short, profound artistic experience. I wish it was much longer but I think that anything over five minutes could have been too much. Anyway, let’s not get sidetracked here by semi-religious experience while watching the movie. There is no dialogue in this short film, and instead it uses freestyle/free verse music to accompany the scenes, Initially I didn’t really like this aspect. However, it brought the entire story, and the different scenes in a certain flow which was extremely well paced. Additionally, all the actors expressed themselves very well without using words. I have never seen a film where actors had to rely so much on their facial expressions and body language, well maybe all the way back in the beginning of the film industry, but certainly not in the twenty first century. The style of Cue Introspection is unique in the sense that it places you in a dystopian / futuristic / alternative atmosphere, it is a setting without leaving the set. One feels the setting of the outside world through the means of the set itself. For example, all the colors on each set (probably only just one set filmed from a different angle) support the story, and it articulates the synopsis which is “A man takes a strange and surreal journey deep into his subconscious, will he make it out?”.

However, before you think that this movie was made in the land of ‘movies and honey’ you have to know that there are some negative aspects to this short film as well. I was also a little disappointed with the usage of one CGI shot (brick wall being broken) because it looked so incredibly fake. One can argue that this is part of the story itself but i really think it showed that this was a low budget project. There is nothing wrong with using CGI generated walls that break. However, it does make me think if they could not have solved that issue in a different way. The second issue that i had, although this is a minor one, was the angle of which one scene was shot (the scene in which one man prevents the protagonist from entering a room when he is following the women). The decision to shoot it like this could have different justifications, and maybe this was the best possible shot….who knows.

Overall, I would say that if you like alternative\arty, or short films with a lot of impact then this is definitely something for you. Moreover, this is one of those films that you really should watch more than just once. And maybe as a reminder to myself **please don’t be to harsh on low budget films, the CGI is not worse than some of the early 2000’s CGI that we used to watch in theaters** 






Director: Joanne Postlewaite

Writer: Joanne Postlewaite

Producer: Joanne Postlewaite

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Music Video, Short – Sci fi, Fantasy

London Lift-Off 2020

Duration: 05:00

Available via:

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